Time Recording Efficiency with Sanoplan


Sanoplan offers an innovative time recording system specifically designed to streamline efficiency and optimize daily routines.

Effortless Time Tracking:

Sanoplan eliminates the hassle of manual timekeeping. Its user-friendly interface allows to quickly and easily input work start and end times. Whether it's the beginning of a shift or a late-night patient handover for nurses, Sanoplan captures accurate work hours with minimal effort. Need to make adjustments? No problem! Sanoplan allows for easy correction of recorded hours, ensuring complete time-tracking accuracy.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips:

Sanoplan offers several time recording options to suit busy environments and relieve the burden on supervisors. Users can leverage:
- RFID cards: Simply tap your card on a reader to clock in and out, perfect for quick and contactless recording. Sanoplan has a built in interface for cost efficient readers.
- QR codes: Strategically placed QR codes allow for instant clocking, minimizing disruptions in patient care workflows. Sanoplan has a built in QR-code generator and QR-code reader, to allow this cost efficient way of data entry.
- Data entry on desktop: Let the employee enter their password directly on the sanoplan scheduling page to clock in and out.
- Smartphone app: Clock in and out directly from your smartphone, offering maximum convenience and flexibility.

Overtime Made Easy:

Shifts often extend beyond standard hours to meet customer or patient needs. Sanoplan eliminates the need for manual overtime calculations. Based on individual work profiles, the system automatically calculates overtime hours accrued. This ensures users receive accurate compensation for their dedicated service and helps maintain compliance with labor regulations.

Focus on What Matters Most:

Sanoplan empowers users by simplifying time recording tasks. This allows them to focus their valuable energy on what truly matters. With Sanoplan's accurate and efficient time tracking system, users can rest assured their work schedules are documented correctly.

Ready to Streamline Your Workflows?

Sanoplan is more than just a time recording system; it's a valuable tool for optimizing business efficiency. And if you want it, it even offers a way to a self-controlled organization. Visit our website today and learn more about how Sanoplan can empower your staff, streamline operations, and ensure accurate record-keeping.