Sanoplan Roster Generator


Shift planner, vacation planner, time tracking in one tool

a tool that simplifies the creation of staff rosters and allows:
- Shift planning
- Vacation planning
- Sick leave coverage
To create a roster, you simply need to provide the following information:

The positions that you need to fill
- The staff members
- The qualifications and prevention of certain shifts is automatically learnt by the artificial inteligence
The Roster Generator will then after 2 weeks of learning create the suggested list of staff members that meet the specified criteria. Of course everything can be changed with drag and drop.

The tool is easy to use and can save a significant amount of time when creating staff rosters. Here are some additional features of the Roster Generator:
- The ability to assign staff members to specific shifts or positions
- The ability to add staff members to vacation and sick leave coverage lists
- The ability to add staff members to training and event lists
- The ability to generate reports on staff rosters

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